Bird Baths, Bird Feeders & Bird Houses

Bird baths brighten any deck or garden area. Well placed bird baths and feeders will attract our feathered friends year round, lifting our spirits and providing endless enjoyment.

Discriminating decorators and bird enthusiasts alike will find plenty to choose from in the selections offered here. Some of our more popular models are…

  • Solar Bird Baths – With maintenance free fountains for a wonderful water sound element. And their enclosed water reservoir means the fountain won’t go dry when you’re not around to fill it.
  • Heated Bird Baths – Great for cold climates. Tough for those little critter to drink from a block of ice!
  • Copper Bird Baths – Just plain gorgeous.

For a great selection of bird baths, bird houses and bird feeders I recommend To save $10 on purchases over $75, use the promotional code on the following coupon upon checkout.



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