Decorating with Artwork

Lavish and colorful walls, rugs, furniture and fabrics are often the images that arise in people’s minds when considering decorating in their home.

Paging through magazines such as Architectural Digest or Veranda, one enters through a glass wall into abodes of astonishing beauty and elegance.  One begins to recognize that the possibilities of color, texture and line are only limited by the creative capacity of the designer/ decorator.

Computer technology has made resources now so abundant, that one barely needs to leave one’s home to be exposed to a mile long list of artisan creations, decorating ideas, products and “how-to” websites.

There are those who wish to live in a more subtle environment. The use of color is much less pronounced and perhaps takes a back seat to textures, spaciousness and light. Quality and subtlety, however, never have to be at odds with one another, nor should they be. A talented and experienced designer understands how to create a notably excellent environment  without making the decor look like it was purchased directly from the showroom at a furniture store.

Uniqueness may be a consideration for the client, even with their desire for subtlety. This offers one a lot of room for inspiration and creativity. Focus and intention become more streamlined and the designer/ decorator attunes their senses to a particular scope of refinement.

Decorating with artwork, contemporary organic

The Contemporary Organic Collection from Framed Art Decor

Art collection presentation is often the thrust of a particular decor. Rather than the artwork being intended to blend and combine with the decorating choices for the environment, The artwork is the main event, that is, without overshadowing the furniture and living space. There is a harmony created between the artwork and the decor, although sometimes divergent in what each is to express.

An analogy might be of the wife of a couple being the more colorful, flamboyant one, while the husband is the strong, thoughtful, silent type. They can balance one another in ways in which make them interesting and engaging as a couple.

Also possible is that there’s a desire to keep a subtle serenity throughout the entire environment, rather than working with juxtaposing dramatic artwork with subtle surroundings as just mentioned. Well placed accents that sensitively support the other decorative features of the room can be another way. A large painting with subtle values and color can be supported by a room just by it’s spacial  placement among the decor.

When working with artwork, the artwork is featured, but not as in a museum- at least, let’s hope not. It has it’s honored place in the scheme of a living space that is a greater composition.

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