MC Escher Framed Art

MC Escher Framed ArtM.C. Escher

“Nobody knows the wonders I see in the darkness of night.”

Maurits Cornelis Escher’s artwork sprang from a unique inner universe where mathematics were intuitively calculated in order to bend the laws of nature. In his artwork, he explored concepts of infinity, impossible constructions, architecture and tessellations. His worlds were depicted in drawings, woodcuts, mezzotints, lithographs and small constructions, all of which have a mind expanding affect on the viewer.

Escher generally did poorly in school and was often sick. He studied architecture, decorative arts, carpentry, drawing and print making from woodcuts. He moved to Italy in 1922 where he met his beloved wife Jetta. The couple had a son name Georgio. The family moved to Switzerland and then to Belgium. Escher depicted landscapes, architecture and scenes from his travels within the context of the worlds he created from his own mind.

Escher’s intuitive cognition of mathematics was visual and emerged in his work in 1936. It was when he was traveling through the Mediterranean that his interest in symmetry and  mathematics began to unfold. He described the Mediterranean as “the richest source of inspiration I have ever tapped.”

He instinctively understood how to build three dimensional impossible objects on a two dimensional surface. Because his creations included mathematical constructions such as repeated tiles called tessellations, the Necker Cube and the Penrose triangle, or his use of polyhedra and geometric distortions, Escher was especially appreciated by scientists and mathematicians.

Although the erudite viewer who understands higher mathematics can appreciate M.C. Escher’s artwork, it brings no less delight to the eye of the average person. The quality of Escher’s woodcuts, mezzotints, lithographs and drawings are masterful, an artist can appreciate them for their craftsmanship. However, anyone can get lost in the extraordinary realities that Escher created, ignoring the craft behind creation.

For years, it has been inevitable for many of the viewers of M.C. Escher’s artwork to ask the same question of themselves, “How did he do that?”

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