Color for Home and Office Decor in 2012

The key words for decorating and design in 2012 are confident and bold.

The United States is now eager and optimistic, moving the color pallet for decor into prosperous emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst shades.

Turquoise and rich cream will also enliven decor this year, as well as golden yellow tones with rich coral hues. The key here is keeping the shades from becoming too contrasty.

Decorative finishes, like “rag roll” with two shades of a color, either a deeper color over the same color two shades lighter, or vice verse will create depth, movement and richness.

Solids with glossier finishes can then work as accents. Glass and shiny tiles will cooperate wonderfully to add an invigorating sparkle and clarity along side colorful fabrics and decorative finishes.

Black and white will always have their place, but this year, whites will be warm and creamy.

Gray with yellow, navy blue with soft gray, deep red with chocolate brown and raspberry with kiwi are also notably strong color schemes for 2012. Used with discretion, these colors can add freshness and a lively ambiance to a room.

When choosing artwork, it is important not to attempt to match the decor, but the colors surrounding artwork should work as a frame for the art. If art is to be framed, a discerning eye could make the difference between a choice that is professional, or amateurish. Some people use websites such as for facilitating framing decisions. Fine Art and photographs presented for sale on the site can be custom framed an shipped anywhere in the U.S.

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