Clay Wall Decorating: Benefits to a Beautiful Finish

Textured walls have always been and will always be a desirable wall finish that enhances fabrics, wood, metal, glass, tile and artwork. From rustic decor to relaxed chic elegance, texture can bring warmth and depth to an interior wall space.

Although clay has been used for many years, it is now a convenient new product that the homeowner can work with. Color can be mixed into it and it can be applied to almost any surface, including cinder block and wallpaper, providing it is well adhered to the walls and sealed in with a primer.

With latex paint dominating the paint industry, we have gotten used to chalky or plastic looking walls. The natural look of clay can transform mere drywall into something more rich and substantial, with even just one coat.

American Clay makes a high quality clay product with 11 colors to choose from. It has no toxic VOCs, resists dust and humidity- no wet mirror in the bathroom. It naturally resists mold and is non-allergenic. Some people are reported to say that their respiration improved when clay was applied to the walls, however, there are no claims that clay heals anything.

There is something else that is interesting about clay. It holds a negative charge, so it supports a calm environment. A positive charge like that of paint and electronics can bring out more anxiety.

Sharpie marker can wipe off of clay and it is so easily repaired, there is no need to re-do it.

Clay comes in a powdered form and is mixed with water until it resembles the consistency of cake frosting. A standard, light trowel can be used to apply it from a wide container or a hawk. The textural effect can be worked a bit to the user’s liking and a second coat can create more of a texture and ensures coverage.

One man reported that he ran an old credit card over the surface of his dried clay walls to refine the texture to his liking.

Artwork stands out well against clay finished walls. The natural finish of clay supports oil paintings or sculpture. There are some artists who even claim to use clay in their artwork.

An excellent source for viewing or purchasing art prints for your newly decorated walls is

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