Do Away with the Backyard Swing Set and Try a Hammock!

Have you ever taken a word association test in your life? Let’s take the word “hammock”. Nearly 95% of people would think of a beach vacation with a girlfriend/boyfriend in tow and no worries about the mundane things in life.

In reality, however, you will be surprised to see hammocks in places you never would have thought possible. Your afternoon siesta can be as comfortable and relaxing in your back yard as being on a great vacation. Hammocks can also be used in place of the ever-popular swing set in your back yard.

By definition, a hammock is a sling for sleeping and resting in. Basically, a hammock is fairly easy to set up and keep clean. The best part of buying a hammock is that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to get one!

A hammock is not just made of ropes, as everyone imagines. Hammocks can be made from fabric, rope, tape and many other types of material. Each type of hammock can be as comfortable as the ones made from rope, and those made out of fabric can be comfortable and safe even for children.

The enjoyment that you get from a hammock can be increased by the many accessories that are available. Accessories can enhance the value of the hammock that you already have:

Packaged items: Some packages come with folding bags so you can keep the quilt, the pillow, a shaving kit, or even golf clubs together. You can also order a suitable package custom made for you so you can travel with your hammock and be comfortable at all times, wherever you go. For example, you can use a chair hammock for sitting in your garden in the mornings. Picture yourself making yourself comfortable and having breakfast in the morning in your hammock…heaven! Below are some types of hammocks that are available today:

Rope hammocks: This is the standard type of hammock that you see in all the travel photos. This hammock has a spreader bar, ropes, and attaches to trees or stand. The ropes may be cotton or polyester. Because bare ropes are somewhat uncomfortable, you can cover them with a quilted hammock pad. Used along with a pillow, this type of hammock is comfortable enough for your afternoon catnap or evening snooze.

Rope hammocks may not be ideal for you if you have small children in the family. Many times, I have seen children crying as a foot or a finger gets caught in the net. To avoid this, you can use a quilted hammock.

Quilted hammocks: These are great if you have children. You can enjoy sleeping with your child without worrying about their little arms and legs getting caught in the net. The quilts are reversible and there are different shades of color on both sides. There is also a fabric spray that you can use to clean the quilt and to help it last longer. You can use mosquito shades to sleep with to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

Hammocks are made all over the world and then imported into the United States. Some types of hammocks that are imported to the United States are:

  • Mayan hammocks: The beauty of these hammocks is that they are hand woven and come without spreader bars. Because of this, you are “cocooned” in the hammock. These are probably the most comfortable hammocks you can buy!
  • Brazilian hammocks: Made from cotton fibers and similar to quilted hammocks. They are more comfortable and are great for families with children because kids won’t get their arms and legs tangled up in them.
  • Nicaraguan hammocks: These are similar to quilted hammocks and are great for couples. The quilting of Nicaraguan Hammocks allows for good airflow, unlike quilted hammocks.
  • Poolside hammocks: Designed for use by the side of pool and for the beach, these hammocks are what you see in those glossy travel brochures. These are great for lying around doing nothing during your vacation.

When you are ready to put the Hammock away for the season, you must make sure that you first wash the Hammock. If your Hammock does not have non-removable spreader bars, then you can throw it in the machine and let the washing machine do the work for you.

When your Hammock is cleaned and you are ready to put it away, first make sure that the Hammock is completely dry. Then take care to keep the hammock together to keep it organized while it is in the storage bag for use for the next season.

I bet now your idea of what a hammock is has changed. Let’s try that word association test again – I’m sure the results will be different this time around!

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